Upcoming Events

Mrs Aitchison and Mrs O’Neill are looking forward to their first Families Connect session with 13 Primary 1 families on Wednesday 25th October at 9am untill 11am.

This will be held in the learning hub.


The Session will roughly follow the structure below.  Out first session is all about emotions!

break down FC


rookie rockstars


Every morning this week, our whole school will be working together to focus on our positive values– through learning to be Rockstars!

Even more exciting, our children will be performing live for our school community!

Our concert will be held from 6.30 – 7.30 (doors open at 6.15pm) on:

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

On the day of the concert, children should report to the school office at 6pm.

Rockstar outfit, hair and make-up is encouraged!!

Tickets are usually £5 per adult, but we are so keen to share our very talented children with you, that the school will pay half… making it just £3 per ticket!

Initially, tickets are limited to 2 per family, but if you would like more – please write on the slip below and if we have any spares we will get in touch!

We would really love to see you there!