The Den

Task Time – week beginning Monday 22nd of June

Hi Den Crew! How are you all? Mrs Kamal and I can’t believe it’s the last week of term before the holidays! How did that happen? In some ways it doesn’t feel that long ago that we were sitting at the snack table listening to all of your chat! We have really missed having these times with you and we can’t wait till the Den is back in action again!
This week I have recorded at story for you to watch and listen to. It’s called The Greedy Rainbow. Have a look under the video clip to see what your task is for this week!

Den Group 1: What do you think the world would be like if everything were grey? How would this make you feel? Post your responses on the chat section in our Teams page or email me at

Den Group 2 and 3: The rainbow in the story took all the jungle colours for itself and then at the end of story shared the colours with the jungle. Can you think of a time when you enjoyed sharing something with someone in your family or a friend? How did it make you feel? You could put your answer on our Teams page or you could draw a picture and email it to me at

Stay Safe and keep in touch on Teams!

Mrs Moyes and Mrs Kamal