Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Marie Dunn – Headteacher

Mrs Lesley Liddel – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Ellie Graham – Deputy Headteacher

Miss Claire Addis – Principal Teacher

Business Manager:

Mrs Fiona McGonigle

Office Administrator:

Ms Angie Whelan

Homelink Teacher:

Mrs Laura Paterson

Nurture Teacher:

Mrs Jude Moyes

Nursery Staff:

Miss Jenna McKay – Early Years Officer

Mrs Nik Swan – Early Years Officer

Hazel Greenhalgh – Early Years Practitioner

Susan Hindle – Early Years Practitioner

Karina Matson – Early Years Assistant

Class Teachers:

Mrs Michelle O’Neill – P1A and Miss Claire Smith – P1B

Miss Suzanne Arnot – P2A and Ms Louise Frampton – P2B

Mrs Yvonne Gall & Mrs Grace Dastoori – P3

Mrs Liza Hunter- P4A and Miss Kerrie Goodman – P4B

Mr Phill Pearce – P5

Miss Jennifer Leslie & Miss Hannah Allison – P6A and Miss Sophie Jardine – P6B

Mr Graham Harley – P7

Mrs Debra Hendry – Support for Learning Teacher

Mrs Rachel Todd & Miss Alessia Elia – McCrone Cover

Pupil Support Assistants:

Mrs Lisa Grant

Mrs Ann Skirving

Mrs Pauline Diack

Miss Sara Strocchi

Miss Adele Hopes

Mrs Tas Kamal