Second Level (P5 to P7)

Suggested Home Learning Timetable for P5-P7
Primary 5 – Week 7
Primary 5/6 – Week 7
Primary 6 – Week 11
Primary 7 – Week 7

Suggested Home Learning timetable for P5-P7

We have prepared a suggested home learning timetable which you may wish to use to structure your child’s home learning. This is not exhaustive and should be flexible for your child but may provide support.

As well as these grids, there are lots of educational and resources online which can be used. Here is a list of some which are useful for learning.

Home Learning Websites Home Learning Useful Websites 2

Finally, here is a Home Learning Timetable which you can use to help you keep a routine whilst you’re not at school.

Home Learning Timetable


Useful Websites

Here are some educational websites that learners can have a go at!

Useful Websites

Spelling Activities

If you would like to practice some of your spelling words then here are some suggestions!

Spelling Grid

Reading Activities

Here are some reading activities that you can try out!

Reading Tasks