Primary 4 – Week 12

Week 12 – 22nd June 2020

Hello Team Four! Hope you’re ready for another awesome week of home learning! Your learning grid is available below! Don’t forget to keep sending in all your lovely work!

As it is the last week of term there will be lots of fun activities for you to complete on your home learning grid. I am so proud of you for getting through this year both in school and at home. You have achieved so much and I am so proud of you!

P4 Monday- 22.06.20

Below is a link to a matching fractions game! Enjoy:) 

Here is Mrs Todd reading Chapter 10 from our class novel, Fantastic Mr Fox!  Comprehension and Word Boost activities are available below the video and on Teams, happy listening :).

I can’t believe this is our last week P4!  We are so upset that we can’t see you properly yet, but we look forward to seeing you soon!  Hope you enjoy your last week of school before the holidays 🙂  When it comes, wishing each and every one of you a fun, safe, and hopefully, sunny, Summer holiday!  Love Mrs Todd x.

Ch. 10 Reading Comprehension

8. Word Boost and Handwriting Assignment P4 FMF Ch 10

End of Year Poem

Goals Bunting


Mindfulness Challenge Cards

End of Year School Booklet

BBC Bite Size Physical Education (KS1):


Huge shout out to our Gold, Silver and Bronze on Sumdog this week! Well done to Amy Rose,  Caleb, and Finlay! Excellent work guys, very impressed with you level of engagement! Keep up the fantastic work! Don’t forget to challenge yourself!

If you would like a shout out don’t forget to go on Sumdog to work on spelling, grammar and maths activities!

New Sumdog

and Active Maths

challenges set!

Please aim to complete between 3-5 activities a day from the grid provided!

Please send any work in I would love to see it or upload it to Notebook in TEAMS and above all, remember to take plenty of time to look after your health and well being, relax and take time to enjoy your day!

If you have any questions about home learning please get in touch via: 

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