Parent Teacher Association

Welcome to Sighthill Primary School’s Parent Teacher Association

Sighthill Primary School Parent-Teacher Association  is open to all parent/carers with children attending Sighthill school and/or nursery and we aim to represent your views and opinions.

We meet once a term at the school and you can be as active as you wish.  Some members prefer to limit participation to attending meetings whilst others prefer to take on a more active role ….. all are most welcome!

Sighthill Primary School Parent-Teacher Association aim to …..
*Develop a positive and effective working partnership with the school to promote and support learning and wellbeing.
*Represent the views of all parent/carers, giving a voice and increasing active involvement in decision making.
*Report back to parent/carers on matters discussed.
*Promote and establish links to the wider community.

Parents/Carers have a wide range of knowledge and skills which can be useful in the support of the school and pupils and becoming involved with the PTA is a great way to do this.

It is not always possible to attend every meeting therefore should you wish an item to be included in the meeting then contact me or your Year Representative and keep updated with Meetings via the Minutes published on this website.

I look forward to welcoming you at the next meeting.

Wednesday 9th February @ 1.30pm via TEAMs

Chair of Sighthill Primary School PTA

Sarah McKendrick

Secretary of Sighthill Primary School PTA

Sarah Pryde

Class Representatives:

P1A rep – Kasia ?

P1B rep – Sarah Pryde

P2A rep – Sarah McKendrick (supporting until there is another volunteer)

P2B – Jane Gare

P3 – Cher Burgess



P5 – Natalie Davidson and Danielle Archibald



P7 – TBC

Please see all PTA Meeting Minutes below: