Families Connect

Families Connect PP coffee afternoon

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We are very proud of our Families Connect programme which we are currently running with a group of our Primary 1 parents.  This block of 8 weeks will finish by the Crhistmas holidays.

The programme runs for 8 weeks and we cover lots of interesting topics from emotions to literacy and numeracy.  All the families involved receive free resources for them to use at home with their children.  The programme is a fantastic way of supporting your child’s education.

Here the children are having a fantastic time playing a game which helps them to develop their emotional literacy.  The children work with their families to think about the different emotions that we can feel, we talk about how they show these and think about how they might feel in a range of scenarios.


In this session the children are developing their literacy skills using storytelling.  Each family received some picture cards to help them make up their own stories with the children.  We also looked at how the CBeebies app can be used allongside an adult to develop reading comprehension skills. I heard some supper stories – what imaginations our P1 pupils have!