Remote Learning

I hope you are all safe and well!  We know these are challenging times so want to make sure we make remote learning as easy and as accessible as possible.

P1-2s will be accessing their learning via Seesaw and P3-7 via Microsoft TEAMs

All P3-7 parents received information about how to install and access Microsoft TEAMs with their child’s log-in details prior to the Christmas holidays but you can access these information sheets by clicking on the links below.  If you don’t have your child’s log-in details or are having difficulties installing Microsoft TEAMs can you contact the school immediately via our school Admin email and someone will be in touch.

For your child to maximise their learning at home their class teachers will be providing the following live/recorded lessons on a daily basis:

*Welcome/HWB Check-in



There will then be uploaded follow-up tasks via ‘assignments’ on TEAMs or tasks on Seesaw from these lessons for your child to complete.  Class teachers will be available to answer any questions, support and provide feedback to ensure your child is getting the most out of their remote learning. 

Class teachers will also be uploading and sharing a ‘Scotland’ topic grid that has activities that can be completed by the whole family in the afternoons or other times when live/recorded lessons are not happening.  This grid can also be used on the days that class teachers are teaching class bubbles within school and therefore not carrying out live/recorded lessons.  Another staff member will be available on these days to answer any questions, support and provide feedback.

Learning can also be reinforced through playing games, reading books and accessing apps – within the blended learning tab on the school website

We are also very aware that you may be juggling other commitments at home and therefore there is no need to be anxious to complete everything. You know your child best and will be able to judge what you as a family can manage at this time.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to discuss anything further.

Yours sincerely

M Dunn

Mrs Marie Dunn