Fairtrade Committee

At Sighthill Primary we are a Fairtrade School, having achieved our Fair Achiever, Fair Active and Fair Aware certificates.  In class lessons and at assemblies, children learn about fairness, equality and how they can make a difference in the world through their actions and choices.  The school has a Fairtrade Committee with representatives from each class. These children are responsible for helping everyone in the school community to have a better understanding of what is meant by Fairtrade, why it is important and encouraging others to buy Fairtrade products.  Committee meetings are held throughout the year and members discuss how they can further promote Fairtrade within their community. Please see below for meeting minutes. The committee members are also involved in selling Fairtrade products in the weekly Fairtrade tuckshop.  This tuckshop will start again on Friday 29th October and every Friday thereafter.  Your child can buy their morning snack from here – the committee will be selling biscuits (50p & 20p), cartons of fruit juice (50p) and bananas (20p).

Committee Members 2021-22 –

Our Fairtrade Policy –

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