Art Room

Take a look at some fantastic artwork sent in to our Gallery

Week 9

This week’s art task is an exciting opportunity for to get involved in a lovely project at this time! J.K. Rowling is writing a new children’s book and is reading a chapter or two on line every week, starting last Monday, 26 May 2020. All author’s royalties from this book will be donated to charities supporting people affected by Covid-19. To go with this new book J.K. Rowling has launched a children’s competition to draw illustrations to go with the story – see details below from J.K. Rowling’s website at

Please send in your pictures on teams or to admin@sighthill.edin.sch.

Don’t forget, to enter the competition you need to use J.K.Rowiling’s website.

“J.K. Rowling Introduces The Ickabog – J.K. Rowling
About The Ickabog. The idea for The Ickabog came to me while I was still writing Harry Potter. I wrote most of a first draft in fits and starts between Potter books, intending to publish it after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.. However, after the last Potter book I wanted to take a break from publishing, which ended up lasting five years.

“The Illustration Competition

Having decided to publish, I thought how wonderful it would be if children in lockdown, or otherwise needing distraction during the strange and difficult time we’re passing through, illustrated the story for me. There will be suggestions about the illustrations we might need for each chapter on The Ickabog website, but nobody should feel constrained by these ideas. I want to see imaginations run wild! Creativity, inventiveness and effort are the most important things: we aren’t necessarily looking for the most technical skill!

In November 2020, The Ickabog will be published in English in print, eBook and audiobook formats, shortly followed by other languages. The best drawings in each territory will be included in the finished books. As publishers in each territory will need to decide which pictures work best for their own editions, I won’t be personally judging the entries. However, if parents and guardians post their children’s drawing on Twitter using the hashtag #TheIckabog, I’ll be able to share and comment! To find out more about the Illustration Competition, go to The Ickabog website when it launches.’

An exciting opportunity – good luck to all our budding illustrators. Keep us up-to-date with how you get on.”

Week 8

Hello! New art tasks are now available in teams for P3-4 and P5-7.  You can still do previous tasks or the latest.  We are starting to get some great art work coming in (thank you everyone who has been able to do them!) which will be displayed on this website later this week.

Week 7

Art tasks are now being added to Teams for P3 to P7. You will find them under Assignments in teams.  Thank you very much for those children who have already submitted work for this week! I will post some work into our website gallery latter this week. Have a good week everyone.

Week 6

Hello everyone, this week I will show you how to create a tessellation to make a fun fishy picture.  You might need to have an adult help you with the first part.


I look forward to seeing your creation – send them to and put artwork in the subject line. 

Week 5

Hello everyone, so week 5 is a shorter week with Monday’s in-service and  VE day on Friday.  A perfect time to visit an art gallery, a virtual gallery of course!

Take a look at the Nation Galleries of Scotland website and look at some of the 100s of pictures available online.  A  good place to start is with the alphabetical list of artist. Try picking a couple of artists that start with your initials, even use all the letters in your name.

Did you find a picture you liked?
What was it that you liked about it?
Do you think you can make a drawing of it?
Did you find an artist you liked?

The National Galleries are also extending their art competition this year to families and the closing date will be four weeks after schools return. You can find the details here.

Week 4

Hello everyone, you can find the latest Art activity here.

Self Portraits week 4

You can still try any of the tasks below is you whish – don’t forget to send in a photo of your art to and put the word art in the subject line.

Tuesday 21st of April

Welcome back to home learning in the Art Room.

I have posted two art activities for this week, you can choose one or do both!

As we have been enjoying some sunny weather that looks to continue, one task is based on making shadows. The other is making a flag.

You can find them here:

Shadow Drawing 21 04 20

Design Your Own Flag 21 04 20

Feel free to try any of the ideas still from before Easter.

Monday 30th March

This week’s art theme is Superheros!

  • Who is your favourite Superhero?
  • Is there someone you know who you think is a Superhero?
  • If you were a Superhero, what sort of Superhero would you be?

You can make your picture anyway you like – just use your imagination.

Here are a couple of websites that might give you some ideas.       Easy superhero face from Christopher Hart.       Lots of cartoon tutorials on his channel.

There is also another easy to do art activity here: gemoetric art.

If want to get creative on an iPad or tablet try these free apps:

Apple: Doodle Buddy Paint Draw App

Sketch, Smudge and draw on pics

Android: Kids Doodle -Colour and Draw

Don’t forget send in any artwork to admin@sighthill.edin.sch and put the word Art in the subject line.

Each week I will add a different theme as a starting point for some creativity.  You can make an image anyway you like using what every you have available to you even a drawing app on a phone or tablet.  It would be lovely to see and share your amazing pictures.  If you want you can send a picture to and put artwork in the subject line.  The first theme is “Spring” What does spring mean to you? How do we know its spring? What signs of spring can you see?

Some inspiring links:

Although the Galleries are shut, National Galleries of Scotland have an great website with loads of great art.

The Tate Gallery has a brilliant kids section with activities and games.

You Tube has lots of tutorials a good place to start is