P7 Homework – Term 1

Hi all,

Homework has been given out both on TEAMs and in hard copy, however the hard copies mean that the links are not accessible. Please find below the homework grids until the October Holidays with clickable links.

Children should do a maximum of 30 minutes of focused work everyday. They should select 2-3 activities from the main grid, and then 1 activity from the French and Spanish grids per week. They will also have Sumdog challenges every week. Spelling words will be uploaded here weekly, as well as on TEAMs. This week, your child will be working on their tricky words which they have been issued in class.

French ‘My Family’ homework can also be completed on the ‘Mi Familia’ sheet as I could not edit it from the Spanish version. Please get in touch at admin@sighthill.edin.sch.uk or on TEAMs ‘Ask Miss Hepburn’ if you or your child need any support with their homework.

If you are handing in hard copies of work, please submit them on a Thursday morning which allows them to disinfect for 72hrs before I can mark them on a Monday morning.

Good luck!

Miss Hepburn

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