Wellbeing Warriors Week 7

Family Task

Positive Place Picture

positive place

I hope that you are all coping well. In my house, we are trying our best to be positive and think that every day in lockdown is another day closer to it ending! Some days are better than others!

A few weeks ago I set the task of making a Post Lockdown Wish List. I hope it made you smile as you thought of things you would like to do. Following on from that, I would like you to draw a Positive Place Picture! Draw somewhere you would love to be. It might be a beach, a park or somewhere in the great outdoors…….anywhere you like that is a relaxing escape. You can draw pictures, paint, or you could even search images and make a photo collage of where you would like to be. Put it up somewhere in your house and next time you are feeling sad, look at your Positive Place Picture. Please send me your Positive Place Pictures and we can add them to the website!

Sending lots of warm wishes to everyone,

Mrs Moyes 😊

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