Wellbeing Warriors – Family Task

Hello everyone! I am Mrs Moyes and I work in the Den at Sighthill. I am hoping to set a wee home learning activity each week that might help families connect! I am very aware how uncertain these times are. What I don’t want to do is add to your workload. The activities I will provide will only be suggestions and they are by no means compulsory. However, hopefully they will be activities you might enjoy as a family and will be able to do together.

This week, I would like you to start a Positivity Jar. You can use a jar, box, bowl….anything at all that will hold lots of wee pieces of paper. You can even decorate the jar if you like!  During our time off school (however long it may be) try to write down anything that happens that you have enjoyed or any positive things in life you are grateful for. It could be “I loved playing a game with my brother”,  “I loved face timing my cousin”, “I am helpful”…..anything at all. When times are hard or you’re feeling sad or bored, open the jar and start reading some of the messages inside. Hopefully they will make you feel good. I am looking forward to seeing some of the jars and reading what’s inside when you come back to school.

Take care, Mrs Moyes😊

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