Welcome Back!

                Sighthill Primary School 

Growing together happily, safely, successfully 


Welcome Letter                                                      August 2019 

A Hello from the Head!… 


Firstly, I would like to offer a warm welcome to all of our new children and their families; August is always an exciting time when we see our new school community together.  To those who were here last year or previously then welcome back; as ever we hope this year will be a wonderful one. 

 As you may be aware over the summer lots of work was done at the school, from new windows to new ceilings.  This work will be ongoing this session with all the school windows being replaced, new ceilings in areas and redecoration.  Therefore, there will be a short period whereby your child’s class will be decanted from their classroom to the Learning Hub classroom whilst their class windows are being replaced.  We will strive to do this with as minimal a disruption as possible and will keep you informed as to when your child’s class will be decanted and how long approximately for.  The school business manager and I will be having regular update meetings with the site manager and council manager to ensure health and safety and minimal disruption to everyday school life and learning is adhered to. 

 We have 2 new members of staff this session, Miss Fraser P4 and Mr Richies P5/6 as well as welcoming back Mrs Hendry who will be our new Support for Learning teacher.  I am certain they will all be wonderful new additions to our team. 

 On this letter you will find the dates of the school terms, other dates can be seen on the Upcoming Events on the school website.  Further dates will also be published on the termly school newsletters. 

 Finally, please come and talk to either me or a member of staff if you are concerned about something.  It is better to discuss things early rather than let things build up; normally a swift resolution can be found.  It would also be lovely to hear about when you are happy with us too! 

 Yours Sincerely, 

 M Dunn 

 Mrs Marie Dunn 


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